Cityzenship Trumps All

Cityzenship Trumps All

  • February 1, 2017

If you’re reading this, you probably belong to a country. You work hard, you pay taxes, but life doesn’t seem to get that much better, no matter how hard you push. This is because as the global community has been increasing global wealth, it’s not evenly distributed throughout society. This means you feel the burden, without any of the benefit, and that’s wrong. This climate allows bold politicians to rally us to their causes, either to revolutionize our economy or make our countries great again – the message is the same. People need to feel empowered and actually be empowered. At P:HC we think that wide spread social empowerment is fundamental to a democratic and progressive society. The only real way to have social power in our busy lives is to organize, conceptualize the change we want and keep going once we get it. But who has time for that when we have, you know, busy lives. That’s where P:HC comes in; we’re a think tank and a social enterprise. We work with government for you, to create real social change today.

We start with a bold change and keep going until it’s a reality, then we monitor the effects and keep improving it till it’s perfect – nothing’s perfect, so we have our work cut out for us. We want to make getting what you deserve out of society easier, more transparent and more accessible. At P:HC, we’re fuelled off your ideas about how we can improve our society then we turn it into a service or a policy to change your life and make it easier. We’re accountable to you and only you, unlike other businesses and social enterprises: we show every dollar we get and spend – we don’t care for huge salaries or incentives, we care about making your lives better, today. That means our profit, is your profit. In times like this, society needs to recognize that our lives aren’t commodities of corporations and the 1%, there’s 99% of us. Together, we can build lives that are worth living and aren’t destructive to where we all live. With P:HC, we can come together to fill the spaces in our lives ourselves – we don’t need corrupt politicians or corporations that exploit us for private profit.

So at P:HC we’re asking you to become a Cityzen,

a member of a Human City.

           A Human City is digital city that has no borders, no taxes, only ideas. Ideas that make life better and the social mentality to make it happen without profiting off of anyone. When work with governments, we transparently make your voice heard and connect you in every step of the process. We champion your values through our projects, keeping you in mind with every venture. By donating to Project: Human City, you make this idea possible. Make your support for this idea known on twitter by using “#PHC+ Your City’s name” (ie #PHCToronto). when you do that, you’re letting your local government know that you expect them to become a Human City, a city that puts you first, a city that’s only accountable to your ideas on how life can become more equitable, transparent and sustainable today and for generations to come.

Cityzens Unite!

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