why is #imacityzen important?

  • February 2, 2017

We created a framework for what it means a strong conviction that social progress is important. But you might wonder:

why is it important?

Why should we embrace this idea of society?


I get that life’s hard but I like my life, so why should I change?

These are common responses to this question, and the answer isn’t simply: “because it’s the right thing to do”.

At P:HC, It’s because we believe that can be something more, more expressive, more caring, and freer. Deep down, that’s all we really want in life. We want to feel more, we want to feel good and we want to be free of things that oppress us.

So how do we do that? By working together as equals. When we properly coordinate with our community, we can develop a deeper understanding of each other. It really doesn’t matter what people believe ideologically because we all breathe, we all eat, we all enjoy laughing and smiling. We enjoy being happy.

Things like hate, only fester when we aren’t fulfilled. When we need something more and we know others have it yet we don’t. This is a tool that can be so easily used to divide us and victimize us into a further feeling of social distrust and stratification. The pattern of developing negative feelings towards each other stem from when we don’t act like we are equals when we fail to see what we can do to help people, and when we only perpetuate our differences. Does this mean that we just forget?

No, it means we have compassion. We remember that we have felt pain before, that others pain is real and it’s our obligation to help make them feel better. This is caring, remove yourself as an individual from that last idea. What’s left? Helping through commonality and empathic understanding, without people in the equation, it simply loves. Love for each other and our contexts as a collaborative community is the solidarity that enables us to be free as individuals. Does this mean that we actually have to love other people we don’t know, not necessarily, but when you see them as you see yourself, how could you hate them?

That’s why it’s important to become a cityzen; because it means that we see each other as equals. We see each other as people who should be protected, understood and respected in our interconnection with each other. We have all seen and lived in a world where hate is prevalent and it’s not worth it, especially when we all know how great it could be.

At P: HC we believe that we can get there if we work together, as united Cityzens.
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