Our Vision

Our Vision

  • March 2, 2017

At P:HC we are committed to elevating earth to an equitable and democratically governed Type 1 Planet. P:HC is dedicated to acting as a community powered international body overseeing the global collaboration and cooperation of planetary development in the coming decades. P:HC ‘s 10-year goals shall act as a stepping stone to achieving a greater level of global connectivity, social equity and cultural evolution. We at P:HC strive for the replenishment of the natural world, both terrestrial and aquatic, the sanctity of human rights and the shared ownership of resources. P:HC plans to become an international community platform, through our three global development areas, we will implement the tools needed to see this global change become reality as we grow and connect the world.

  • International Policy

P:HC is committed to creating the means to share and develop policy, target international interest and promote the creation of international agreements in topics and fields that have a global impact. By creating a common platform for how governments communicate with their citizens we can have a dramatic shift towards equitable, insightful policy creation; sharing the best practices internationally creates a format for global policy with effectiveness acting like a standard in progress. Democratising and levelling the mobility of residents through open internet platforms shareable and available as a framework, makes global elevation and an exponential process of social development, both streamlined and easy to adapt. The steps in this tool include the following benchmarks:

Block-chain governance platform agreements with nations that permit:

  • Cityzen* mobility rights in member nations,
  • Democratic standards and third party transparency auditing of politician statements/campaign platforms
  • Governance policy sharing and universal agreement to human rights,
  • Enforceable measures against autonomous governance for violations of human rights and private corruption, to be determined by a jurisdictional tribunal with the authority to relieve leadership and transfer power through locally democratic electoral races (if deemed necessary and tribunal ruling ratified by population.)

  • Connective Diplomacy

P:HC is dedicated to creating new economic opportunity through local efficiency and surplus trade, the real vision behind globalisation. Connective diplomacy is international policy creation exercisecentred around multinational entities and the development of a sustainable global standard of living. P:HC proposes an international corporation tax to rein in the corrosive nature of capitalism, develop local industry and foster economic opportunity for those most disadvantaged by contemporary global structures/market practices.

International Corporate Taxes must include:

  • Share distribution caps for employees and executives of internationally operating companies
  • Corporate taxes levied per regional presence and distribution to jurisdictional governments as a whole tax envelope for international companies
  • Progressive rate structure congruent with performance reporting
  • Mandatory performance reporting
  • Environmental policy transfer and compliance from the headquarter country to the extraction jurisdiction

  • Human Centred Culture

P:HC promotes the creation, evolution and distribution of culture. P:HC plans to do so by maintaining and upholding the individual rights of all humans, empowering local communities as well as developing a framework for cultural preservation and contribution. In order to bridge culture, develop it and preserve it, P:HC will actively partner with communities to provide the infrastructure needed to make this goal a reality. The active development of cultural institutions, connection with contributing communities, the public and other institutions can create a network of cultural vibrancy and evolution. P:HC will further the development of human culture with the following goals in mind:

  • Protecting the authenticity of cultural products with standardised trademarks and accreditation
  • The development of cultural industries through exhibition, product creation and technique/ craft learning
  • The design of sustainable economic insulation in cultural products, sites and institutions with local benefit as the central principle in methodological practice.

Together P:HC invites you to share its vision of the future and develop your own ideas about how we can make our future better than today!

Check us out at www.projecthumancity.com ,

and become a Cityzen today!

*Cityzen used here refers to registered and verified users of P:HC governance and communication platform and not a contributor to P:HC’s fundraising campaigns.

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