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  • June 8, 2019
We're raising money to make an equitable, healthy, sustainable Human Planet!
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With every donation we’re getting one step closer to complete our Ten Year Goals!

Our fundraising goals is split into 4 Tiers, each Tier has defined impact, activities, expectations and donor gifts

This is a capped organization fundraiser, P:HC needs to reach Tier 4 to operate for 10 years and beyond, all without further fundraising.

Our Tiers and our Organization are based on compounded community investment, so if we reach Tier 1, we can stop fundraising and just extend our 10 Year Time Frame, 5 more years.

  • Tier 1 = 10 Years + 4 Years

  • Tier 2 = 10 Years + 3 Years

  • Tier 3 = 10 Years + 2 Year

  • Tier 4 = 10 Year + 2 Year

    Tier 4 + General Funding = 10 Year Time frame Guaranteed!

Every Donor to this fundraiser will receive Project: Human City’s digital currency “Meshcoin” as a gift for donating to this effort.

(Meshcoins are distributed at a rate of 1 Meshcoin = 1 USD at time of minting)

Project: Human City is dedicated to investing in marginalized, developing and radicalized communities, donors will have the opportunities to share-the-gift-forward to individuals in these target communities as well as learn about the impact of their gift. More information on gift sharing will be included email communications post-donation.

Project: Human City believes in 100% transparency, you can track donation spending on our Operations Page. After we start receiving donations from this fundraiser, P:HC will post monthly account summaries and other financial tracking features on the Operations Page.

The Project Impact of each Tier of Funding and the Respective Gifts to our Donors are as follows, Please see the Meshwork Litepaper for additional terms and conditions.

To Learn More about Our Proposed Research Production Centres Click: Here

For a Quick Summary of the Meshwork Platform Click: Here

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