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This fundraiser is for Project: Human City's Ten Year Goals. Help Us Make a Difference Today!
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Project: Human City will complete our Ten Year Goals through the development of our hybrid Blockchain- D.A.G network Called Meshwork and Human City Program.

Our fundraising goal is uncapped, however, after the General Funding Goal is met all efforts to get outside donations will end and the organization will look to reinvest profit margins to distribute the remaining Meshcoins to people impacted by our not-for-profit work.

Every Donor to this fundraiser will receive Project: Human City’s digital currency “Meshcoin” as a gift for donating to this effort. (Meshcoins are distributed at a rate of 1 Meshcoin= 1 USD)

The Projected Impact of each Funding Tier and the Respective Gifts to our Donors are as follows, Please see the Meshwork Litepaper for additional Terms and conditions.

To Learn More about Our Proposed Research Production Centres Click: Here

For a Quick Summary of the Meshwork Platform Click: Here

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