Our Aspirations

We see a future where...

Black people and people of colour are respected and treated equitably under our governance systems.

Where poverty isn't a condition humans live in.

Where homelessness isn't an outcome.

Where humans have autonomy over their bodies without judgement or barrier.

Where we can have societies we would want to be part of, regardless of how and in what kind of situation we were born into.

Where our environment is a living extension of our soul that we respect.

Where our rights are inalienable and not tied to artificial lines and allegiances.

Where our abilities don't limit our personal autonomy, perception and social value.

Where our gender is our own choosing and expression.

Where we are cherished for our contribution and loved for our presence.

Where our creations don't harm us or our potential to thrive and exist.

Where we are governed fairly by our circumstances and not by the ideas of those past.

Where we are free to be....

Truly Human