What We Believe In

Philosophy of P:HC

At Project: Human City, we believe in the exponential power of ideas and the synergistic creativity of people working together for a common goal.

By creating an environment in which people can freely learn, initiate and collaborate in plans and projects; we hope to create better solutions and a brighter more united future for all.

Join A Community That Cares

Cityzenship is a movement.

a movement that you can get involved in scaling up from supporting P:HC in general, to using our community services like biometric ID systems, international wallets and voter right mechanics, P:HC looks to make the world a more equitable place.


Mission Values

Our Values Power Everything We Do

If we had to summarize our impact, its in the values we instill,

Our values make the difference.

It’s important to have a guide in what we do and how we think as an organization. Take a moment to think about what you value, we reflect on the values we want to see in society as our starting basis for change.





P:HC's 100% Transparency Policy

In accordance with P:HC bylaws: all functions of P:HC with monies, property and transactions are made available for public review

We exist to: improve society, not our bank accounts.

We plan to: show what we do with every dollar we earn.

We will: be accountable to our community and society at large

We use blockchain technology and group consensus to empower people with the resources they need to make a difference, we call it investing forward so that tomorrow is just that much better.