Mission Values

“We’re a strange company…organization rather. We have ambitious goals, we work in an emerging space — with all that goes on, its hard to stay true, so we decided to turn our values into our operating goals.” – James R


To Create

When we make something, we think they should be things that matter.

We seek to perfect designs.

We want what make and use to be less wasteful,

more efficient and way more useful, each and every day.

To inspire

Ideas are better when they’re shared.

We host and share your ideas so they can be used and improved!

P: HC also produces new ideas and forms new social inquiry,

at P:HC we want to look at the next level of detail, explore new frontiers, and shape our shared future.


To Connect

From everyday people, Creators, Industry, and Government,

P: HC connects everyone on an equal level.

So what we create together, can be sustainable and equitable.

To Empower

Lots of Technical work goes into changing the world,

at P: HC we make it easy for every voice to matter by building up our users and their insight.

Sharing verified information makes sound choices easier to make and better long term.


To Improve

At P: HC nothing is off the table when it comes to what we can make better.

Nothing’s perfect,

by connecting to people we make improving things in our lives super streamlined and simple.

In everything we do, we strive to fulfil our values and deliver you,

a better tomorrow,