100% Transparency Policy

We exist to improve society, not our bank accounts.

We plan to show what we do with every dollar we earn.


The first rule of a “Commons” is transparency and that’s what P:HC promises to deliver. Commons is traditionally a common stock in which the community could all draw from and come together to maintain. In Project: Bubble we created a finacial common from people to draw from create the future of thier dreams.

We believe that all the work we do is going to create a better common future, Transparency is how you know, we take your time and our commitment seriously.

 Transparency builds trust.


For the highest degree of social impact in our initiatives and programs we trust your input, so you should trust us too.

In accordance with P:HC bylaws: all functions of P:HC with monies, property and transactions are made available for public review.

From payroll to Project costs, P:HC publicly posts all financial information on our website.

We believe that all monies that flow into our non-for-profit entity is public money, so we treat it as such and pay it forward.

This policy applies to all money directly coming from P:HC.

Transparency + Cooperation = Social Control