What We Do

At Project: Human City we think the best way to test an idea is to try it out, so we empower people to find solutions in their local communities and create their own ideal state of change.

We actively seek to create a culture of change,

in which we encourage the act of change and develop it into cultural practice.

We do this is a number of ways.

[mme_feature class=”vertical style_1″ alignment=”left” icon_wrapper_form=”circle” title=”How We Operate” link_area=”none” color_scheme=”3″]P:HC tackles our global objectives by operating initiatives through our Project Streams; they’re dedicated areas of action and expertise that allow us to focus on creating real change each day, while manifesting our larger goals.

Using Project Streams allows us to minimize our internal buildout and flexibly collaborate with other organizations to focus on scaling impact, instead of siloing resources to any one approach to change.

We enter an industry by creating partnerships, studying existing models and finding utility through fair labour, low networking overhead and social feedback loops. [/mme_feature]

Inspire Ideas

The world needs intersectional change to Progress

Project Streams allows us to address the numerous realms in which we live and interact. Project Streams also allows Project: Human City to structure it’s staff in areas of expertise and grow a body of case studies and information to inform projects that build a better world.


Create Technology

Our World operates on Technology, Essential Technology should support everyone

A key part of P:HC’s model is enabling communities and cities to invest in the technology needed to create local supply-chains via City Membership Fees. Local low-scale production cuts the cost of production, lowers the environmental impact of transportation and creates system that rewards the host community through profit feedback and ability to pay programs to keep production at optimal levels of return.

Connect Communities

We live in community, build in community and thrive in community

As P:HC expands to a new City, we look for internal efficiencies and opportunities for the basis of their Membership integration. However, to truly make an impact, we partner with community groups to assess their needs and make sure that their city will be able to support their initiatives and future ones like it.

Fund Change

Community generates value, all the members of community should profit

P:HC uses it’s blockchain-based platform Meshwork to create communal asset pools that can be used by communities to fund projects, programs and co-ops in local demand. P:HC helps design models that replace the cost or produce a profit that perpetuates the formation of new collaborations. P:HC gets Cities to also help fund this communal pool by dedicating up to 70% of their total Human City Membership Fee to support their communities in need.

Film Humanity

We only live one life, but encounter so many others, experience their stories

P:HC believes that to create change, we have to develop an understanding and trust. often we see exposure into the marginalized as the only means of remedying the situation. P:HC plans to use its social platform and media into exploring social problems to fund initiatives that enrich those in the space highlighted in video, print and other media produced by the organization.