Create Technology


Meshwork Platform

A Distributed, Energy Effiecient Network made to Faciliate Better Human Cooperation

Focus: building communal asset control mechanisms, public realm enhancement/ data augmentation, “single global computer state” for the state of the Meshchain and the interaction with the natural world.

    • a platform optimized for node plugin and communal knowledge
    • Energy x resource x labour chain functionality and compounding network asset value evaluation
    • 3rd party SDK plugin for Project: Human City Dapps for easy network access and resource leveraging for apps built on/off chain / or on other chains
    • Embedded smart contract tools and decentralized information leveraging tools


Connecting you to the world, All in One Spot!

Focus: creating community projects, programs and co-ops and accessing city services

    • Community Organization and collective asset management protocols
    • Data protected social media platform (no 3rd party ads or unauthorized personal data-mining)
    • Identification interface
    • Property inventory
    • Electronic wallet
    • Optimized for decentralized service facilitation and state verification


Linking Government to Businesses and People to create network efficiency in co-existence

City Version includes the following features:

Focus: creating efficient organization work flows and increasing inter and intra organization collaboration in service delivery

    • Modular department-based service support software
    • Work processes design and data solution integrations
    • Community development plans and economies of scale cultivation*
    • Embedded Project: Human City representative*
    • Service delivery + range visibility

Business Version includes the following features:

Focus: enabling new enterprise through scaled networking and communal resource support systems

    • POS, inventory and employee management software
    • Decentralized banking options
    • Reputation system and auto city permitting + licensing (when City uses P: HC software)
    • Social investment and support system
    • Service network and decentralized IOT tech stack


Solar Kits

Solar Panels + Batteries + Metering

Project: Human City is distributing 3rd party solar kits to build the world’s largest communal renewable energy utility! renewable energy offers us an untapped source of energy, we believe that everyone should have access to this resource for as low as possible, so we’re building a communal grid to collect and distribute energy across communities, cities, regions and beyond!

Meshwork ASIC Miners

Help Keep Meshwork Secure + Get Some Cool Features For You!

As Project: Human City releases it’s distributed platform, Meshwork, it will distribute ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit chips) miners to those who’ve already received a solar kit from the organization, these devices will mine the Meshwork Meshchain to help process transactions, they will also have additional features to make them useful to have around such as virtual assistant, wireless data drive and wifi router capabilities. Having a solar kit and an ASIC miner from Project: Human City will also allow those managing them to gain passive income for their contribution to the network!

Community Support Systems

Large Scale Solar + Mobile ASIC Data Centres

Project: Human City recognizes that there are whole communities in need of Digital and Energy infrastructure investments, to address this half of our energy grid investments will be in the form of large scale solar and mobile data centers. These investments will produce energy to help supplement local supply and lower energy costs to residents, while the mobile data centers will help keep Meshwork secure as well as provide free wifi to local residents. Users will have the option for their data to be used to better Meshwork functionality and will be compensated directly for their information; no personal data will be collected or used by the platform, data collected will not be sold to 3rd parties. (charges for wifi may apply to excessive use and the ability to pay)

Network Technology

Food Commons Centre

Goal: Create Tools, Practices and Source Material to Create Sustainable Local Food Systems

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Develop Climate Resilient and Adaptive Crops, Trees and other Key Flora types to maintain Bio-Productivity in regions currently or projected to ecologically collapse
  • Develop Hemp crops and pheno-types optimized for Commerical Scale use in Fabrics/ Textiles, Plastic, Food and other material applications
  • Develop, Circulate and Support Restorative Farming Practices through Seed Distribution, Land Race/Selective Breeding and Production to Market Supply Chain Management Techniques

3-D Fabrication Centre

Goal: Create Scalable Additive Printers for Consumer Goods, High Quality Goods & Infrastructure

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Develop and Distribute Additive Manufacturing Printers for the Production of Household Goods, Professional Equipment and Infrastructure (Housing, Roads, Utilities etc.) 
  • Develop and Distribute Source Material Producing Machinery with a focus on converting existing plastic, electronic, and multi-material waste to source material
  • In conjunction with the Autonomous Robotics Centre, develop a methodology for off-earth construction and manufacturing for the minimum “launched off-earth” space mining projects

Marine Health & Remediation Centre

Goal: Boost Exisiting Marine Clean-up Technology and Remediation-based Terraforming Techniques

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Support the Efforts to Clean-up Ocean Plastics
  • In Conjunction with the 3-D Fabrication Centre, repurpose plastic waste collected into source materials
  • Develop point-source pollution divergent principles and practices
  • Develop Techniques to terraform unhospitable land (deserts) to productive land via the introduction of man-made waterways and bodies of water.
  • Create networks to monitor and enforce international and national marine conservation policies
  • Develop and increase the availability of fresh water through various desalination methods, by both machine based and nature-based processes

Health Access Centre

Goal: Create Mobile Healthcare Units and Scalabe Health Technology

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Create modular healthcare suites for remote healthcare networks
  • In conjunction with the 3-D Manufacturing Centre and The Computer Integration Centre, lower the cost of life-saving medications through molecular synthesis manufacturing and provide with an ability to pay model to the global population
  • Develop and circulate preemptive medical information and training protocols 
  • Create as well as manage decentralized health records, with permissions based access

Computer Integrations Centre

Goal: Create Small Scale Quantum Computers and Expand Function + Applicational Use

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Create a Quantum Internet
  • Create modular Quantum Computers able to be retrofitted in mobile data centres distributed by Project: Human City
  • Develop Material and Organic Simulations and Configuration techniques via Quantum Computing

Autonomous Robotics Centre

Goal: Autonomous Earth Based + Space Based Construction, Mining and Manufacturing

The Functional Objectives of this Centre is to:

  • Develop Autonomous Robotic networks based on frequency resonance and spatial interaction paradigms
  • Create Self Accessing Robotic systems
  • Create Autonomous Land Based as well as Space Optimized, construction + mining + manufacturing systems