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P:HC brings you the next wave of decentralized internet technology,

Meshwork is a user-centric blockchain ecosystem.

Meshwork merges existing blockchains with the Meshchain to enable a seamless platform to platform blockchain internet to rival the efficiencies of existing internet networks and blockchain protocols.

General features:


Document Sharing and Storage

– Store documents securely and access them at anytime with no fee to the user

International ID System

We created progressive tiers of security

Security that can:

  • fulfill and/or graft on to any national standard,
  • sync with existing systems,
  • and enable easy user migration systems.

Multiple Options for Wallet Integration

Blockchain powered wallets for borderless access to funds at all times

Universal Basic Income

Joining the Cityzen Community offers a return on contribution, because you’re helping build a better system.

From miners, system nodes, developers, product users, coin users and cities everyone associated deseveres a return for working together with us towards our collective goals.


Cost Inclusive Currency

Meshcoin offers people streamlined experience to access the entire decentralized world with one coin and plugin UI access to all the functions made available on the network from service coins to currencies and smart value networks.

Democratic Voting Rights and Group Development

Developing user centric layers of protocol, to give decision making the level of security they deserve. Groups allow all people to turn ideas into action, we look to allow optimal group formation and intent purpose design through our apps.


Trust on Interaction Community System

Completing a service, joining a community of professionals and being verified by your peers along with other acts of communal interactions, builds transparent accountability across the network.

Specialized features:

Multi E-coin wallet

Chose how you want to pay in any currency, digital to fiat

Seamless transactions on and off the network in meshcoin – secure payments made in local currencies and processed as your choice token.


Integrated Unit Marketplace

OpenSource Mechcoin Cadaster for transparent property transactions with a supply chain verification and distribution tagging system with native input and value weight options.

Private Secure Intranet Networks

Create a unique internet for all your organization’s devices with the protection of blockchain access keys tied to device and user keys for all round security. Get device networking support with static and decentralized options.


Website Hosting

Host a website on our blockchain and offset the traditional pyramid scheme of poorly regulated internet.

– neutrality guaranteed in the protocol of the New Internet!

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