Fund Change

Project: Bubble is where our values meets technology and hit the ground running.

Using blockchain technology, P:HC designed Project: Bubble to handle the equitable distribution of resources through local community networks.


How it works:

  1. Every area with a P:HC presences gets assigned a bubble (fund) accessible to anyone in the area and on the platform,
  2. Users of Spotstitch will be able to apply for assistance funding their projects and can receive funds from their local bubble.

What are the strings?

Projects applying to receive money from their local bubble must be:

  1. Community oriented with strong support from local residents
  2. Demonstrate local enthusiasm but failed to reach the funding thresholds needed to start the project
  3. Targeted to a larger project objective P:HC is actively trying to achieve

That’s it!

Accepted projects will be funded by the bubble fund once all the criteria is deemed acceptable*

Disagree with one of our decisions?

That’s fair, you can apply for a project appeal and have your application reviewed by a random sample of your peers and then accepted based on their conclusion alone.