Film Humanity

Project: Now is our attempt to create Real Content

Project: Now is where we change direction from just thinking about where and how we live together.
Project: Now is where we attempt to tap into who we are and why we live, through stories and connections brought to you through video.

@P:HC, We do this by creating content with various contributors.

Content that makes us think deeper:

About what inspires our creativity,

About what it means to be part of a community,

About what it means to be happy,

About what it means to love,

About what it means to be human.

 Every city that joins P:HC will have video series filmed in their jurisdictions as part of their MyCityInitiative membership with P:HC.

Help Make Project: Now, Go Live!

and rediscover something you never imagined that you were without, perspective.

Experience + Openness + Creativity = New Outlook

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