Inspire Ideas

Project Streams are how we create change through you!

At Project: Human City we want to empower you,

so you can make real change easier.

We focus our attention on specific areas of our lives, areas that could use some attention and collective action. We take all these problem areas and turn them into Project Streams. Then we design ideas and formats for each Project Stream that will help reach our Project Goals. We do this so you can put the ideas into place, or inspire your own solution to share with your local community.

Some Project Streams are Supported, meaning we actively look for community partnerships to expand our area impact and direct our spending to those Project Streams.

Project Streams In- Development are areas you can still create in but they aren’t yet supported by Project: Bubble Funds and Collaborative Partnerships outside Project: Human City.

Scroll down to find out more about how we want to make an impact across the board!

Project: Fresh

We Think Feeding Us Now, Shouldn't Cost Us Tomorrow.

Project: Power

We're Limited By Our Energy Use, Let's Tap Into Unlimited Sources.

Project: Spaces

Our Interactions with Spaces are Relative, Let's Unify!

Project: Create

Being Creative is Easier When You Have The Support.

Project: Streets

Reclaiming Streets For Human Interaction

Project: Policy

Creating Fair, Clear Plans for Life Today and Tomorrow.

Project: Connect

The Internet holds Untapped Potenial, Access 4 All

Project: Learn

When Learning Has No Borders or Age Limits, Life Never Fails to Captivate

Project: Work

"Find What You Love You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life"

Project: Recycle

When We Plan End To End We Eliminate Waste

Project: Home

Everyone Needs A Place To Call Home. So Let's Build!

Project: Water

Water is Life, It's A Right, Let's Treat it That Way

Phase Two Projects are the Projects we would love to tackle but we need more time to start-up and operate.

Keep posted because we’ll start these projects within 6 – 8 months after our initial launch.

Feel free to browse the areas and submit your ideas in the comment box below so when we come out with these Project, they’ll be better than you could imagine!

Project: Link

@P:HC, we think that getting people and goods around is how our lives function.

Moving people, goods and products is the underlying foundation of how our world works. P:HC looks to connect transportation networks to be more efficient, cost-effective and reliable so we move what matters most. We are integrating multimodal networks via internet systems that allow for innovative solutions to moving people and items with the least environmental impacts.

Project: Health

@P:HC, helping people improve their health and get better should be easy and equitable.

Hospitals, Schools, Police, Fire, Water, Hydro, 311 are all services that make our lives more accessible, safe and enriching. P:HC looks to streamline institutional practices and services so that everyone can have access to an elevated standard of living and care. P:HC invests in accessible technologies to standardize the level of services available to the public.

Project: Earth

@P:HC, our earth is precious; we should work to make it safe, abundant and productive.

In many developed countries, past industrial land uses have contaminated soil, making land unfit for human activity. These lands are typically called “brownfields,” and are costly endeavours to remediate. At P:HC, we look at innovative hybrid methods to develop cleaning techniques so that that land can be reused safely.

Project: Extract

@P:HC, we know that taking resources from the environment is impactful, we want to make sure it’s done right and equitably.

Mineral and Resource extraction fuels our collective economy and way of life, P:HC is committed to fair, equitable and transparent environmental assessments and tracking of large-scale extraction projects. By working together, we can make corporations more accountable to the affected community with more streamlined reporting and EA checks.

Project: Stellar

@P:HC, we think that space is the final frontier, let’s explore it together.

Space offers us a lot of new realities; let’s get immersed. At P:HC, we want to cultivate a love for space and the associated science, so that we can make progress on space-related projects. We need the collective understanding that can help transform the capability and opportunity for humans to explore the unexplored.

Project: Biosphere

@P:HC, we believe rebuilding forests impacts our entire planet, we strive to make them thrive again.

Forests are the lungs of our planet, climate change and deforestation has threatened the collapse of our entire planet. At P:HC, we look to create partnerships with governments, NGOs and local communities so we can diversify tree stock, replenish degraded ecosystems and selectively breed for climate resilience forest stock.

Project: Biosphere+

@P:HC we believe that biodiversity flourishes when we do our part, we want to connect the pieces so its a breeze.

Allowing the wild to bounce back is only the first step in recreating the biodiversity lost by human activity. At P:HC, we look to create partnerships that allow us to record and preserve genetic diversity, captive breeding and release programs and genetic regenesis programs to repopulate genetically shallow ecosystems.