Project: Connect

@P:HC we think that access to the internet should be a right.

At Project: Human City,  we do our best to integrate affordable, free internet into all of our land development, public outreach and services. So we can all connect easier and more frequently. Also, we want to make the internet more accessible as a matter of law, so we plan to design policies that reinforce our commitment to this social right.

Access to the internet is a complex infrastructure and social issue, but with the internet’s ability to share information and connect communities, we at P: HC think that partnering with the public to design and create locally owned internet connections can help empower people everywhere and make the internet an affordable social asset for everyone.


Some Ideas We're Thinking About:

Net Neutrality is the Future of a free society

In our lives, the internet will only become more and more important, so we should keep it a level playing field for everyone. At P: HC we want to design and promote policies that integrate Net Neutrality into the same regard as Human Rights and Base social construction. This seems odd but it’s being proactive, the more our lives are on the internet, the more free access should be expected and protected.

Free Internet is a Scam

Yeah, free internet is awesome but trading your data for it isn’t. So At P: HC we will direct our funding so to offer free Internet to those who need it and charging just enough to operate it from those that can afford to contribute. No one should be inconvenienced and have to go out of their way to access free internet when that is the reality of most current free options it says your time isn’t as valuable because you can’t afford access. We don’t believe in this trend at all, we refute this prospect, and we say “let them have wifi!”

Public Utilities Make Society Fair

 Roads connect people and goods, bridges help us overcome nature, the internet does all that and more. At P: HC, we believe that we should make the internet a public utility, by partnering with communities to build their own internet infrastructure and make access more affordable to the public.

Project: Connect = Equity + Access + Community Control

Why is this important?

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  • 4 out of 7 billion people on this planet don’t have access to the internet
  • 31% of the global population doesn’t have 3G internet coverage (15% don’t have electricity)
  • Free internet programs often promote or streamline content, which is counter-intuitive to what the internet is supposed to be: an open platform
  • 15% of adults globally are considered illiterate. There are also cultural issues, with women up to 50% less likely to be using the internet than men
  • The vast majority (80%) of online content is only available in 10 languages, which only about 3 billion people speak as their first language.

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