Project: Power

@P:HC We think that electricity powers our lives, but it shouldn’t cost us our planet.

At P: HC, we believe that our future is directly tied to our ability to convert, store, produce, and make use of energy. By investing in smart grids and a comprehensive, clean, renewable electricity spectrum, we hope to make energy independence a reality for everyday people.

Some of the major barriers to shifting out of the traditional fossil fuel paradigm is infrastructure. The world’s infrastructure has a deeply ingrained liquid energy transportation system, outdated and inefficient electricity grids, and transportation systems dependant on internal combustion engines. Our world has been structured around an energy source that is unsustainable—a shift will make energy consumption a more equitable process.

In order to keep global climates from increasing more than 2°, 90% of fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground and unused. The only way the public can change this is by changing our individual energy choices.

Liquid-based infrastructure is the main roadblock to green energy. Building a new system is widely perceived to be more expensive than maintaining the old one. While receiving fewer subsidies compared to fossil fuels, the costs of green energy technology continue to plummet at an exponential rate.


Some Ideas We're Thinking About:

More Green Options = More Freedom

At P: HC, we think diverse sources of renewable energy should be made accessible. Solar energy isn’t going to solve all of our needs, but developing an array of renewable energy choices will. By investing in green energy options, we hope to lower costs.

Financing Green Energy Shouldn't Be An Arm And Leg

At P: HC, we plan to coordinate and back local, community centred resources to make green installations more cost-efficient and feasible for the average person. Converting to green energy can be expensive for some, but we can reduce these barriers.

Good Investments are made once and payback constantly!

Since P: HC does not operate for profit, we plan to own green energy utilities and invest profits transparently into lowering the marginal cost of green technology adoption and widespread public access to energy. Financing green energy installations and using the profit to help more people convert to renewable energy not only helps the environment, but helps people attain energy independence.

Project: Power = Energy + Community + Sharing

Why is this important?

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  • According to the 2016 World Energy Outlook Study, an estimated 1.2 billion people did not have access to electricity.
  • The International Energy Agency latest estimates indicate that fossil-fuel consumption subsidies worldwide amounted to $493B USD in 2014, down $39B from the previous year, with subsidies representing over half of the total—four times the value of subsidies to renewable energy.
  • More than 95% of those living without electricity are in predominantly rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.
  • More than 2.7 billion people – 38% of the world’s population – are estimated to have relied on the traditional use of solid biomass for cooking, typically using inefficient stoves or open fires in poorly ventilated spaces.
  • The number of people relying on biomass is larger in developing Asia than in sub-Saharan Africa, their share of the population is lower: 50% in developing Asia, compared with more than 80% in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Three-quarters of the global population living without clean cooking facilities (around 2 billion people) live in just ten countries.

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