Project: Spaces

@P:HC We think that people love to be around other people... most times lol.


We’re a social species. In Project: Pop-Up we look at transforming underused public spaces into cool environments for connection. Ranging from places where people can enjoy each other’s company, learn new things, connect to cool local initiatives and experience the work of local groups, P:HC wants to connect you to the spaces you live, work and play.

In tough social times coming together shouldn’t make us feel vulnerable, it should make use feel safe. Despite the global tension, we at P:HC are committed to creating community through the use of space and shared ideas. Some of the barriers to developing this community sense are land ownership, time constraints, coordination and awareness. Bringing communities together can create the opportunity for dynamic connections and social enrichment.

Some Ideas We're Thinking About:

Empty Space? You mean Cool Opportunity

There’s lot’s of empty spots in our communities that could be home to little patches of magic, let’s make it. We at P:HC thinks that novel uses of spaces often ignite our imagination and creativity from farmers markets, community farming co-ops, craft markets, restaurant pop-ups, store pop-ups and even pop-up dance parties, connecting to those underused spaces can create new experiences that we didn’t expect and that brighten up our days. Let’s make it happen together, all the time.

Let's put the Unity back into Community

State of Disrepair and underused spaces affect everyone in a community, at P:HC we want to empower communities to reclaim these spaces and transform them into community hubs. the intersection of community, collaboration and recreation that give an area a sense of identity, and the to residents, a sense of belonging.

Project: Pop-up = Community + Space + Creativity + Organization