Project: Work

@P:HC We know that finding meaningful employment is hard.

By creating partnerships to harmonize skills, verify accreditation, and streamlining employers to potential employees: we can create a network where it’s easier to find a job that meets your skills. P: HC connects employers and employees in a transparent way, making it easier to meet safety regulations and decrease illegal and unsafe employment situations.

The changing realm of employment is something that has to be looked at more cohesively. Yes, we need to connect people to better-fitting jobs, and we need to invest in fields that eliminate jobs. Funnelling the profit back to the people it displaces directly is the only way we progress equitably. If we as the public don’t do this, corporations will, and they have no obligation other than taxes to redistribute the wealth of automation and artificial intelligence.


Some Ideas We're Thinking About:

Workers Rights are Human Rights

Under the table jobs shouldn’t be the only way that you can get employed. At P:HC we plan to work with governments and employers to ease the burden of hiring new employees. We want to create an easy system for regulation and monitoring, so the cost of hiring new people isn’t on the worker and their wellbeing.

There is a job for everyone,

but the right fit is hard to find.

One of the biggest barriers to new workers is skills and compatibility. Every office has their culture and every job has a personality type reinforcing the skills. At P:HC we want to help people develop themselves, so it isn’t as hard to find a job that makes you feel like a superstar. So why not create it? P:HC wants to make it easier for you to create decentralized co-ops and skilled work unions, so you can find fair work that fits.

In The Job Market, its All About Connections

Feel like you’ve applied everywhere but no one’s got back to you? it sucks. At P: HC we know that half the job postings are mandatory listings and in a lot of cases, it’s about who you know. That’s because it’s easier to connect to someone you know personally than a piece of paper or an application. We think it is your ability and what you bring to the table that should trump familiarity, so by creating more connections to the right jobs and what employers actually look for will mesh you and your dream role.

Project: Work = Rights + Culture +Skills

Why is this important?

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  • Almost 202 million people were unemployed in 2013 around the world, an increase of almost 5 million compared with the year before.
  • The jobless rate for 15 to 24-year-olds hit 13.1 percent in 2013 (or 74.5 million), nearly three times the adult rate
  • The bulk of the increase in global unemployment is in the East Asia and South Asia regions, which together represents more than 45 percent of additional job seekers, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.
  • In 2013, 375 million workers (or 11.9 percent of total employment) were estimated to live on less than US$1.25 per day, and 839 million workers (or 26.7 percent of total employment) have to cope with US$2 a day or less.
  • Unemployment is estimated to increase with 215 million jobless by 2018.
  • Roughly 40 million new jobs will be added each year, the ILO estimates, but that won’t be enough to absorb the 42.6 million people expected to enter the labour force each year.
  • Innovation both removes employment opportunities and creates a new make norm need to stay competitive; this establishes a closing loop that increasing edges out traditional careers and jobs in favour of automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Forrester forecasts that cognitive technologies such as robots, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation will replace 7% of US jobs by 2025.

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