Connect Communities

P:HC  offers Governments the ability to streamline their services with our Human City Membership. With the Human City Membership, Cities and other tiers of government can receive a custom designed transition plan to onboard the function and endpoints of existing Governmental organizations into a common transparent operating protocol with a targeted outreach plan to ensure transition support!

Lite Uptake

Lite uptake focuses on ‘pilot project’ based use of the Meshwork Blockchain Network; allowing users to access city employees and resources and city staff in designated departments and for predetermined uses before widespread adoption by the member city.

Transparent Accountability

We offer cities the ability to authorize permit requests, and services on an pre-approved basis with transparent markers of merit and easy transparent validation sources. This way costs and operation expenses are tagged to events and outputs, ensuring an effcient way to keep track of where the money goes.


Modular Department Software

P:HC offer as easy to use city-wide interface with features developed for specific professional tasks; giving departments the control to stack services to their need and unify databases with unique authorization keys from both users and administrators.

Project: Now Video Media Series

5 video series filmed in host city,

focused on gauging and capturing the unique vibe of each city.

1 locally crowdsourced video vision video per city membership.


Municipal Bubble Fund

Excess membership cost of the the city joining P:HC’s My City Initiative establishes a base “bubble fund” to fund local projects initiated by local community groups. Cities can create mandates for spending in specific Project Streams or allow local interest to dictate community group spending. Capitial Interest and monetary profit from bubble backed community projects are returned to the local bubble fund for further circulation.

City to City Sharing

Predictive Community Recommendations  PCR’S) give community improvement suggestions based on geographic, demographic and historical trends in any connected area, giving cities a powerful reference tool when experimenting with new pilot projects and programs as well as in executing master plans.