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Project: Human City services communities through

Our Human City Program and the My City Initiative

My City Initiative

Project: Human City’s is nothing without the cooperation of humans living in cities. The My City Initiative is the way we, as an organization, create a difference in people’s lives. Even before Project: Human City starts working with a City Partner, we designed our user app to be functional and useful to create online community, develop plans, intervention strategies and create projects, programs and co-ops to enhance the lives of residents on and off the app.

Raise awareness about The My City Initiative

On social media use the caption: "Make 'insert your city name here' a #humancity"


“Make Toronto a #humancity”

“Make Dallas a #humancity”

Other ways to get involved with the My City Initative

  1. Email us at and tell us about a community builder that should get recognition in your city
  2. Join our mailing list for opportunities to participate in pilot project/program/co-op models and get support in your existing community group 
  3. Donate to our Ten Year Goal fundraiser! The top 10 cities that have the most donors will be automatically selected to receive free Human City Memberships. (1st Year free, collaborative investments required for Years 2-4)
  4. Download our community mobile app Spotstitch when it’s released in August!

Human City Program

Project: Human City’s primary means of operation is partnering with cities to create efficient, welcoming,   equitable and sustainable communities for the people who live in them. We designed a subscription based membership program for cities to get better adapt at serving the changing needs of their local    communities, meeting the needs of the future and keeping up to date with technological development, all at a low fixed cost.

Interesting in Our Human City Program?

We created a full integration report to highlight how we operate with cities

We sent this report to several cities before turning to the public for support, we hoped that they would take the plunge, sign up to be Human Cities and set the example for transparent efficient local governance.

Read it for yourself, share it with your friends and family and click here to see how you can help make your city a Human City.

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