Our Aspirations


 10 Year Project Goals

In ten years P:HC wants to do some great things for humanity.

In Ten Years we want to:

  1. Lead Producing Sustainable Human Habitats
  2. Manage a Global Physical/Internet 3-D Fabrication Design Commons
  3. Create an Interconnected Local Subsistence Food Commons
  4. Create a Global Social Experience Catalogue
  5. Provide Free Internet Worldwide
  6. Create a constantly developing level of Social Institution Standardization and Connectivity
  7. Operate and Connect Green Energy Districts
  8. Develop and Manage a Biosphere IoT System
  9. Create a Free and Academically reviewed Education Commons
  10. Create a system for Rapid Natural Disaster Response, stabilisation and recovery
  11. Make clean water accessible to every one as right
  12. Create Global Cityzenry Network and Identification System
  13. Create an open Earth Products and Human Labour Cadaster Market

Big Goals + Collaboration + Inspiration = Innovation

We Have An Idea of What Would Be Ideal

Your Ideals shape your perception of the world around you, they allow you to be reflective and see what is missing. Our ideals serve as the driving force behind what we do and how we do it.

Internet of Humanity

The Connections That Matter

The Internet of Humanity is where we bridge the worlds that divide effeciency and stalls human progress; from behaviour and culture, to commerce and technology, we plan to change the landscape.