Idea Policies

When we approach any issue or project, we have to consider our social Ideals in order to make the best possible approach to a solution.

Here’s what we at P:HC think about when we tackle the issues that face us all:


Understanding how to change our world, makes it far easier to change it.

P: HC researches, verifies, creates and shares information in the easiest ways for you to use. From E-Learning Courses to Articles and Infographics, P: HC knows the value of empowering everyone with access to real and meaningful educational experiences.



Our bodies are as complex as our Universe.

In order to create healthy vibrant lives for everyone, P: HC approaches Health as a complex system to improve and consider. We start with our environment, then the physical and social inputs. P: HC looks to create data-driven changes across society when we attempt to make meaningful health improvements for the public.


In our changing world everyone wants to feel safe, work safe, live safe and they should have the right to.

At P: HC, we look to improve conditions of human safety. We do so by standardising the facilitation of best practices, in all our Projects, research collection and while exploring new ways to make the things we do safer.



We seek social justice for individuals through the alleviation of poverty, and other social barriers like discrimination and bias.

Things can make it hard for people to access and express their rights and live better free lives. So by advocating for justice and opening the social dialogue, we hope to make justice easier to attain.


Happiness is a weird idea, but its important.

Think about what makes you happy, it’s probably different than what another person would think. But that’s okay, that’s what makes life interesting, and by sharing, we work together to make all aspects of our lives happier.



What’s the point of having ideas if you can’t use them or share them?

At P:HC we look to make everyone’s voice stronger and recognised in important matters. By developing your ability to speak to the issues and problems with insight, we can create better solutions. When your voice is stronger, we are far more effective in creating real social change.


Our environments shape us.

We aspire to consciously design our spaces. Where we create new experiences and feel our favourite emotions, should be special. Interestingly enough, everywhere around the world people live in the same basic configurations: House/ Shelter, Green Space, Connectivity via path or road, and then Support Infrastructure from water and sanitation to electricity to the internet and beyond! So let’s perfect it!


Equity + Justice +  Compassion = Lasting Change