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We are changemakers,

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Project: Human City is not-for profit community development think-tank. We’re designing and creating an open ecosystem; so innovative ideas can turn into world changing action. Our main operating goals are: to address human inequality, remediate social injustice and bridge the lack of access to human needs globally.

We connect people to make change more equitable,


The problems we all experience are hard to deal with at times. When difficulty and complexity become a problem, developing a sound technical background is a must. At P:HC we do the hard work for you, so you can focus on changing the world!

Everyone experiences a lot of the same problems in their day to day lives, we at P:HC look to connect people for change. Rallying people around issues creates a common understanding about the way we all live independently and collectively.

We organize your ideas so that your needs are heard,


We create a common understanding, so that a sense of community can flourish,


Creating a space for change is one thing and it’s important, but P:HC takes it a step farther. We put our money behind communities, ensuring that they have the technical and financial backing to make their projects a reality.

When we understand an issue, we can start to solve it; but if we start on information alone and don’t understand how it effects each other’s life experience, we can’t being to create community. P:HC is centred on community.

We empower people so possibility can ignite their imagination and make change real.


We make the world more human.

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