About Us


Our Mission Statement

“Empowering an idea of Tomorrow, Today”

We all want social change, and we all want the world to be a better place, but how we get there takes time. P:HC is all about making strides towards an ideal future with ideas, that can benefit people today. We’re dedicated to creating noticeable and streamlined change. We want to make change that’s powered by ideas and are intuitive to the needs of everyday people.

Project: Human City is a Not-for-Profit Organization Registered with the Government of Canada and operates under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (S.C. 2009, c. 23)

It is the mandate of Project: Human City to develop sustainable and subsistence-human settlement patterns. This mandate is oriented around improving and adapting existing developed cities and emerging cities to create vibrant interconnected regional hubs.

We do this, so we can:

  • Improve and diversify local economies
  • Create surplus trade and tertiary industry economies
  • Deepen sharing commons
  • Minimize the ecological impact of human activity
  • Meet the base needs of every human equitably

Project: Human City is committed to developing innovative plans to enhance the sustainable prosperity of humanity and our shared ecosystems. We plan to do this through collaboration, transparency, strong insightful leadership and verified clear information.

We at P:HC believe that sustainability is “the ability to produce the needs of the current and generate perpetual feedback (and/or reserve the potential for use indefinitely)