The Team



James Rhule

Chief Idea Officer

James Rhule is the founder and Chief Idea Officer of Project: Human City. He came up with the idea while studying Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University, wanting to make a greater impact for the underrepresented public than traditional means he designed an organization to meet the needs of all people living together. James has worked for the City of Toronto since he was 16 and has loved serving his local community in the parks and recreation department as a program leader and supervisor. When not designing impact initiatives for Project: Human City james enjoys reading, writing, cooking and spending time with his two young nephews.

sorin pic

Sorin Simniceanu

Chief Collaboration Officer

Sorin is the Chief Communication Officer for Project: Human City.  A graduate from Carleton University in Geomatics, and Business from Seneca College, Sorin has a multidisciplinary background working for government organizations, private industry as well as start-ups. Sorin has always been passionate about helping inner-city communities and teaming up with James has allowed him to do just that. He enjoys travelling, photography and spending time with his newborn son.

Aida Dewitt

Chief Technology Officer - Digital Products

Aida (Travakkolie) Dewitt is the Chief Technology Officer of Project: Human City. She Graduated from Ryerson University in Computer Science, while there she was the President of the University’s Women In Computer Science. Aida has had a long career in technology from working on front end technologies to building dynamic plans for whole system operations Aida has extensive experience leveraging the stack of the development areas to accomplish a goal. Currently, Aida also works at Google as a Senior Software Engineer in their Next Billion Users Initiative. When not working on code or product design, Aida enjoys following municipal policy and user security trends on the web.



The great people who make things @ P:HC happen!


Manuel Bejarano

Brand Coordinator - Special Projects

Manuel Bejarano is an Undergraduate at Vanderbilt University studying Applied Mathematics and Economics. While previously serving as a director and a board member for several other startups, he funds his tuition and personal expenses by through Cryptocurrency, Forex and Commodities trading. As an early adopter of blockchain technology, he has also had experience advising several project developers on marketing, tech applications, and exchange listings.

Eric Wei

Lead Mobile Developer

Eric Wei is a student at the University of Waterloo majoring in computer engineering. He is a software developer with interests in mobile app development and backend development. Eric has interned at a number of companies, including Nokia and Blackberry. During his spare time, Eric enjoys running, travelling and reading.


Parth Patel

Development Intern

Parth Patel is currently a student at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is a junior web developer incredibly interested in the field. He is passionate about innovation and is constantly trying to hone his existing skills while trying to learn new ones.